Be Zen

Our goal is to enable 100 Million consumers to live more sustainably by 2031.

Who are we?

Be Zen was created by a group of passionate individuals who want to mitigate the climate and environmental crisis by acting as a bridge between ideas and actions.We are a web platform and chrome extension focused on providing reliable and affordable sustainable products.

What do we do?

Be it recycled, vegan, plastic-free, ethically produced or anything that meets our quality and certification guidelines, we’ll find you recommendations for better alternatives when you shop online. We want you to make informed choices without feeling overwhelmed! We find ethical and sustainable brands that do good for people, animals, and the planet, so you can easily find them and their products all in one place.

Why does it matter?

Our past choices have paved the way to social injustice and climate crisis. We believe that it’s time to do more than just have conversations. We need change, and we need it now. By inspiring change and aiding you to choose better, we wish to create a better future than the one we are currently heading towards. One choice at a time because ethical is the new normal.

Make an impact with every purchase

In small & big ways – we’re always looking for ways we can give back. If even a fraction of our spending can reduce poverty, fight climate change, plant trees, strengthen communities—the impact is huuuge! With our Chrome extension, you’ll be one step closer to sustainability by letting us create a difference and support other green initiatives. After all, the Earth is what we all have in common.

We’d love to hear from you

Have a suggestion for how we can keep doing good? We are always looking for ways to make an impact. If you have an idea, we would love to hear about it.