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The Ultimate List of Adorable Go-to Brands for Organic Baby Clothes


One’s child is the most important person in their life. Naturally, everybody wants to do everything in their power to ensure that they have the best life possible. This is the reason why organic baby clothes are currently a hot item among retailers of all kinds. Despite the fact that the organic cotton baby clothes trend is increasingly popular among fashion designers and merchants, many parents are perplexed because they don’t understand how organic cotton and baby clothes are related. The majority of parents assume that the term was coined to deceive them into believing that organic newborn clothes are special when they aren’t.

 Many of them will avoid purchasing organic baby clothes, blankets, and other items, and miss out on the numerous advantages that their children could gain from wearing them. You may have already switched to organic food to protect their health on the inside, so why not make sure everything that comes into contact with them on the outside is organic as well?

organic baby clothes


Organic means something that is grown without the use of chemicals. Organic cotton growers go a step further by assuring that no chemicals or pesticides of any kind are used in the fields for at least three years. Sustainable baby clothes are free of cotton pesticides and a wide variety of dangerous or risky elements that are found in synthetic fabrics, which reduces the possibility of irritated skin in children. Baby clothes organic cotton is tightly controlled and closely monitored to guarantee that it is absolutely what it claims to be.

Why choosing Organic Newborn Clothes Important?

Organic cotton baby clothes are gentler on a baby’s delicate skin. Because the material is soft and free of chemicals, your child is less likely to develop skin issues like eczema, dermatitis, or allergies. Organic cotton is mould resistant and antibacterial since it is always in its natural state.

When a newborn is itching, he or she becomes agitated. By going organic and sustainable baby clothing, you’ll be maximising your baby’s comfort and ensuring that they’re enveloped in soft clothing and bedding, which will keep them warm and itch-free. Baby clothes organic cotton lasts longer than ordinary cotton. Rather than buying a new set of baby sleepsuits every month, invest in a top-quality sleepsuit that will last for years.

Important Considerations Before Purchasing Organic Baby Clothes:

  • Fabric: The skin of newborn babies is the most delicate. Because babies’ skin is prone to irritation and rashes, natural fibres are the best option. Only clothes made from organic fibres are suitable for the baby. It is gentle on baby skin and absorbs moisture, keeping it dry and sanitary. This implies that organic cotton is good at regulating temperature, making it an excellent choice for any season. As a result, make sure the garments you buy are made from natural fibres like cotton or silk and are actually sustainable baby clothing as they say on labels.
  • Cost: When it comes to purchasing baby clothes, the golden rule is to never sacrifice quality for money. Keep in mind that babies’ skin is extremely sensitive, so choose for the greatest quality at a reasonable price. The best indicator of product quality is not usually the price. The most well-known or popular products are not always the healthiest for your baby, so you should do some further research and  and always go for organic baby brands or sustainable baby clothing brands.
  • Safety: When buying organic newborn clothes, safety of the child should be the most important consideration. Clothing and accessories can strangle, suffocate, or injure newborns in various ways. Avoid clothing with unfastened buttons, ribbons, laces, hooks, and other embellishments. They can be dangerous since these items can induce choking problems. Also, avoid wearing clothing with cords, waistbands, or drawstrings, as they might induce strangling.

Only buy organic cotton baby clothes made of low-risk fire-resistant materials. Pure silk and pure wool are more difficult to ignite and burn more slowly once ignited. ‘Keep away from fire’ is written in capital letters and red font on the label of flammable materials.

  • Labels: The strictest textile processing standard is the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Fabric must be free of hazardous dyes and bleaches, and items must include at least 70% organic fibres to receive this accreditation. Even the packaging must meet certain requirements, such as being PVC-free.

Oeko-Tex is a global certification that indicates the fabric has been chemically tested.

organic baby clothes brands

Organic Baby Clothes Brands to Go for Keeping Your Baby ‘Safe and Healthy’

Burt’s Bees

The Ultimate List of Adorable Go-to Brands for Organic Baby Clothes

Burt’s Bees has the basics covered, including onesies, pyjamas, blankets, swaddles, and layette sets. Their burp rags are very fantastic. They are one of the best organic baby brands based in America. Burt’s Bees uses sustainable and organic ingredients and least processing methods such as distillation/condensation, pressure cooking, and hydrolysis to keep their products pure.

Burt’s bees is our first choice since the garments are very soft and adorable, and the brand is open about using 100% organic, GOTS-certified cotton for GOTS-certified baby clothes. For accountability, they even reveal their GOTS-certification registration number.

Hanna Andersson

The Ultimate List of Adorable Go-to Brands for Organic Baby Clothes

Hanna Andersson is a company located in Portland, Oregon that specialises in organic and sustainable baby clothing. In the United States, the corporation offers online and mail-order services, and it ships to almost 200 countries worldwide. It sells unique organic cotton baby clothes made entirely of organic Pima cotton. Organic cotton of this type is airy and comfy for babies.

Under the Nile

The Ultimate List of Adorable Go-to Brands for Organic Baby Clothes

Under the Nile is the only organic baby brand in the world to carry the Gold Seal of Authentic Egyptian Cotton, you can rest assured that your baby is in good hands. They’ve been using their clothing to try to make the world a better place for almost 20 years. Under the Nile is a fair-trade organisation that trains men and women how to sew so that they can support their own families.

Organic cotton baby clothes are available for children up to 6 years old. In an effort to be a zero-waste firm, they also provide organic toys—the Scrappy toys are produced from fabric scraps. Their clothing and toys are extremely soft and suitable for babies. It is also the first baby clothing brand to get GOTS certification in USA.


The Ultimate List of Adorable Go-to Brands for Organic Baby Clothes

Pact offers fair-trade, organic newborn clothes that are free of dangerous poisons and dyes. In addition, the organisation will assist you in recycling your old fabrics. Pact is altering our perceptions of sustainable baby clothing. They use GOTS-certified organic cotton in their baby outfits and manufacturing procedures that save at least 12.5 gallons of water for every garment.


The Ultimate List of Adorable Go-to Brands for Organic Baby Clothes

L’ovedbaby sells affordable organic cotton baby clothes that are created from GOTS-certified cotton and are free of harsh chemicals to safeguard your baby. From preemies to young toddlers, the organic baby brand offers a cute clothing assortment. The collection includes classic baby outfits that your child will be able to wear for many years. By providing decent living wages and supporting a non-discriminatory workplace, L’ovedbaby also looks after the lives of the parents who cultivate the cotton used.


The Ultimate List of Adorable Go-to Brands for Organic Baby Clothes

Boden, like Pact, sells organic clothing for the whole family. Boden is a British brand that seeks to work ethically in the textile sector to reduce modern slavery. Boden’s organic newborn clothes are bright and quirky, and they will make your baby look even cuter. The clothing is produced from GOTS-certified cotton that has been sourced in a sustainable manner. They include elastic hems that secure snugly and adjustable straps that grow with your child.

Boden also donates to mental health groups in its hometown.

Jazzy Organics

The Ultimate List of Adorable Go-to Brands for Organic Baby Clothes

100% organic cotton baby clothes such as rompers, bibs, and bonnets are available at Jazzy Organics. Despite the line’s colourful, joyful motifs, all of the rompers are dye-free and contain no dangerous residues. Jazzy Organics is happy to provide GOTS-certified baby clothes. The super-soft and super-cute baby blankies, which are perfect for your young one or as an environmentally conscious gift, will blow you away. During the manufacturing process, the company takes great effort to guarantee that it creates the least amount of environmental damage possible. It promotes the adoption of better trading conditions and sustainable manufacturing models, as well as fair trade.

Art & Eden

Art & Eden offers a line of organic cotton baby clothes that are produced under ethical and safe working conditions. The clothing is made of GOTS certified organic cotton and low-impact colours, making them gentle on your baby’s delicate skin. The company supports a mentorship and give-back programme that focuses on distributing multivitamins and other health basics to children in need.


Organic baby clothes may appear to be a craze, but they’re the safest investment you’ll ever make in terms of eco-friendly baby clothing. To make organic cotton baby clothes even healthier, many come with nickel-free snaps or buttons made from nuts, ensuring that sustainable baby clothing is the safest possible option for children to wear.

Our environment is also protected by organic cotton. It also safeguards water quality and the health of those who work in the fields of agriculture and industries. So, when you buy organic cotton baby clothes, blankets, bedding, and other items, you’re not only protecting your child, but you’re also helping to make the planet a safer place to live. That alone is a compelling incentive to buy organic cotton baby clothes.